2009 marked the 3rd year for the Traverse hosted by the Warriors Society, which takes place in the Santa Ana Mountains in Orange County, California. This is a 44 mile course with a total of 8,350 ft of elevation gain and slots for 175 riders.

Damon crosses the line with a personal best time.

Damon crosses the line with a personal best time.

Last year’s event had a daytime high of 110 and 1/3 of the entrants did not finish, so everyone was preparing themselves for HOT conditions. The weather forecast was predicting a daytime high of 84 degrees with mild winds up to 10 m/h. As we rode up to the staging area close to 7am with overcast skies, I was thinking how far would we get before mother nature would start to turn the oven on.

The race was on its way at 7:00 am with a field of eager athletes all with personal goals in mind for this event. The pace was pretty fast and it didn’t take long before the smiling faces wore off with everyone pushing their way up to Beek’s Place. 7 miles down, and 15 miles of steep hills and descents to get to 4 corners where the first cut off time was to be met. 4 corners was the first opportunity we to obtain any course support for food and/or water. We still had another 13 miles to go and steep climb called “The Wall” before we hit Trabuco Trail. Once you hit the top of The Trabuco trail it’s all downhill for 30 to 40 minutes and a fast 5 mile fire road out to the finish line which is the icing on the cake.

Troupe had a good showing with Laura coming in 1st place for the woman’s class with a time of 6:04:00. Errett had a strong 6:19:00 and I crossed the finish line in 6:44:00, which was 1:22:00 better than last year’s time.

reported by : Damon Mann